Sunday, September 28, 2014

District Wide Mediations on the 9s

The HelpEarth Foundation is encouraging residents of the District of Columbia to join together each Sunday for a District Wide Meditation.  This is nothing formal it's a mental gathering of individuals and groups that are joining together to simple meditate.

The time is not fixed and generally goes on for 20-45 minutes depending upon the joint bliss. 

This happens at 9AM and again at 9PM  please use #dwm9s to share on social media. 

Saturday, January 11, 2014

DCPATHTS: Welcome to the DCPATHTS Blog.

DCPATHTS: Welcome to the DCPATHTS Blog.: DC Path Transportation Services, LLC is please to be part of the bloggasphere and please let us know about your blog or anything

A super community minded business making it's mark in 2014 in DC by underwriting @HelpEarthFoundation Metropolitan Cloud.

Ellen the Generous is looking to make over a DC military family home. Nominate someone you know.

Ellen Degeneres is looking to help brighten up the one of one luck DC service family and she needs you to help her by nominating someone you know in DC to help out.   What a great idea and we know that there are so many military families in the District of Columbia that she'll have a hard time picking one.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Welcoming a District based business to the Metropolitan Cloud.

Starting off 2014 working with Ward3 businessman Patrick BE, from +DC PATH TRANSPORTATION SERVICES, LLC  on getting him connected to the District Cloud and beyond. Please check out this great service for your transportation needs and special needs request are available please visit

Lets support DC based enterprise in 2014, Click on the QRcode above to get connected to DC Path Transportation Services.