Sunday, December 4, 2011

The last rooftop Revolutionary David is finally pulled down in DC.

This dramatic day unfold for many of us via AJ Ustream Feed and during it we heard AJ narrate the removal of the Rooftop Revolutionaries and this is a screen grab of the final protester David being removed by National Park Police after the clubbed him, roped him and crooked him.   It was reported that David came with his father and he represents the modern patriot.

It was also reported by AJ that the officer took an American flag and tossed it off the building where it got caught on the structure and just hung there.  This is not the only case of flag desecration by these Park Police that was reported today as the flag that was in the building when the 25 protesters where first arrested was thrown in the trash.   None of this will be reported by the main stream media, however, that fine because we have AJ.

Live Streaming of OccupyDC Arrests at the barn.