Friday, October 14, 2011

The District Curmudgeon is right: Mayor Gray must refute mediocrity, or fall victim to #smemfail

We have a situation in DC and there is a every easy fix.  1. Admit that DC needs help with SMEM Social Media Emergency Management. 

This is the same pattern of citizen responding to anything online verses cell or land lines. 

 The District of Columbia needs to adapt with the times. 

Sadly which has within it's footprint some of the best and brightness minds working on projects or for agencies like CrisisCommons, CrisisMapping, FEMA, Random Hacks of Kindness RHOK Redcross, Tech@State and all the digital responders and just folks that hit send verses dial. 

Yet the leadership of DC needs to understand that it's not their staff's sole responsibility to be on Facebook or Google +  it's also theirs too. there's and then they can understand how things are now working.  Just last year many of us from the District participated in SMEMCAMP at the National Emergency Management Association's Mid-Year Conference on Thursday, March 24, 2011

Folks can join in online  @ ( @crisiscampdc) which is the local chapter of Crisis

This is solvable considering we;re doing it for everyone else why not the Nation's Capital