Monday, April 25, 2011

Results of my official UnOffical Candidate Survey and who I back 4 At Large

So now that we have all recovered from the SHOCK of me a plain ole social media citizen having the temerity of asking my fellow citizen that happens to be running for public office a few questions on Social Media.

If you think about the logic of why we even run a campaign ie to connect with voters and the current start of the art is most campaigns grubbing for moeny to buy media -- to reach me. Well I can reach out to them and then reply my finding to my followers. And, the cost to do this is FREE other then our time.

There is a joke in social media, marketing is for those without advocates. Well in campaigns, social media citizens are not just advocates we are voters; So, this is a win win.

Plus considering that I really only lession to public radio and watch a few shows via Timeshifting the money they spend all their time rasiing doesn't even reach me and it benefits only the companies behind the campaigns and the for profit media and makes not a single 2 way connection to me or my community.

So let's get down to it. After considering all the information I had at the time, I reached out to the candidates running. As a side one self anointed member of the establishment even told me to stop and that me asking questions was spamming or bothering the candidates.

Well, after alls said and done I am throwing my support behind Brian Weaver. The one thing I have learned about him is that if someone with no direct connection to him can get him to respond to me using social media I have the highest faith and believe that he will work with you too.

Please vote for Brain Weaver tomorrow and know that he will respond and he understands the issues and the technology that we will need to solve the issues and problems that face all of us in the District of Columbia.

This decision is solely Nelson Jacobsen's and it not representative of any association, company or group that I belong too.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Please let us know if this is At Large Candidate Lopez

If this is candidate Lopez he deserves to be recognized for his part in standing up to the dictators in Congress at the Rally for DC Respect. April 11th 2011 on Constitution ave of all places. < insert > Irony</>.