Saturday, February 5, 2011

Funnest Hashtag ever #snyderlibel

If you didn't know already the Redskin owner Dan Snyder is trying to sue the Washington City Paper in to the dustbin of history.

The DMV and those that will fight for Ole DC have mounted many efforts across social media and websites do deal <see link at bottom to help the paper directly>.

However the off shoot of this whole affair is the the springing to life on Twitter is the hashtag #Snyderlibel which has found a wide and receptive audience and clearly not something a brand sensitives organization like the Washington Redskins and the NFL need to have been lite across cyberspace..

The weird tread that sticks out when digging into this a bit is this time of day activities maps. It seems that those playing the #snyderlibel game on twitter are doing so at noon or midnight.  

Either way it seem forboding for him that we come to the peak of activity at these particular times.- High Noon or Midnight in DC really is never the words you wanted associated with your "personal brand" and it don't take a $450/hr PR honcho to figure out someone has a problem

BTW as to efforts here is a direct and meaningful way to help.