Sunday, December 4, 2011

The last rooftop Revolutionary David is finally pulled down in DC.

This dramatic day unfold for many of us via AJ Ustream Feed and during it we heard AJ narrate the removal of the Rooftop Revolutionaries and this is a screen grab of the final protester David being removed by National Park Police after the clubbed him, roped him and crooked him.   It was reported that David came with his father and he represents the modern patriot.

It was also reported by AJ that the officer took an American flag and tossed it off the building where it got caught on the structure and just hung there.  This is not the only case of flag desecration by these Park Police that was reported today as the flag that was in the building when the 25 protesters where first arrested was thrown in the trash.   None of this will be reported by the main stream media, however, that fine because we have AJ.

Live Streaming of OccupyDC Arrests at the barn.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


So who is running and who is not facing any competition.   We'll make sure we cover it here or on our Google+ page and of course our twitter feed. DCONECITY

Friday, October 14, 2011

The District Curmudgeon is right: Mayor Gray must refute mediocrity, or fall victim to #smemfail

We have a situation in DC and there is a every easy fix.  1. Admit that DC needs help with SMEM Social Media Emergency Management. 

This is the same pattern of citizen responding to anything online verses cell or land lines. 

 The District of Columbia needs to adapt with the times. 

Sadly which has within it's footprint some of the best and brightness minds working on projects or for agencies like CrisisCommons, CrisisMapping, FEMA, Random Hacks of Kindness RHOK Redcross, Tech@State and all the digital responders and just folks that hit send verses dial. 

Yet the leadership of DC needs to understand that it's not their staff's sole responsibility to be on Facebook or Google +  it's also theirs too. there's and then they can understand how things are now working.  Just last year many of us from the District participated in SMEMCAMP at the National Emergency Management Association's Mid-Year Conference on Thursday, March 24, 2011

Folks can join in online  @ ( @crisiscampdc) which is the local chapter of Crisis

This is solvable considering we;re doing it for everyone else why not the Nation's Capital

Monday, May 9, 2011

@PublicTenley comes through offering Saturday in May Food fundraiser for Floods

Yes that is a mouthful and so is the task at hand.

We are facing now record flooding across many states and PublicTenley & Help Earth Foundation have decided to make Saturdays during the month of May food fundraisers that will enable us to eat some great food and help the RedCross National Capital region who has been on the ground helping since the Tornado's tore across our nation.

Alls you, your family, friends and coworkers have to do is come by the new location

4611 41st Street, NW   Public tenley is the newest member of Public group. The sister of Public bar in lower Dupont, we offer American savories served w/ 

Eat and PublicBar will donate 4 percent of food sales to the relief fund.

The schedule is:

May 7th  2-8pm Eat & Help
May 14th 2-8pm Eat & Help
May 21st 2-8pm Eat & Help
May 28th 2-8pm Eat & Help 

So consider after the games on Saturday, or just getting a snack after a hard day at Turtle Park coming over to Public Tenley to eat & help.
Please repost and tweet

Saturday's in MAY visit @ between 2-8pm they'll donate 4% of food sales to @ to help relief efforts in area.
  • @publictenley
  • @redcrossncr
  • @helpearthdotorg  
The Help Earth Foundation will be announcing several other ways to help out including being able to purchase some music in #Ward3 locations that Altavoz Distribution has offered ALL the profits from retail sales to help.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Results of my official UnOffical Candidate Survey and who I back 4 At Large

So now that we have all recovered from the SHOCK of me a plain ole social media citizen having the temerity of asking my fellow citizen that happens to be running for public office a few questions on Social Media.

If you think about the logic of why we even run a campaign ie to connect with voters and the current start of the art is most campaigns grubbing for moeny to buy media -- to reach me. Well I can reach out to them and then reply my finding to my followers. And, the cost to do this is FREE other then our time.

There is a joke in social media, marketing is for those without advocates. Well in campaigns, social media citizens are not just advocates we are voters; So, this is a win win.

Plus considering that I really only lession to public radio and watch a few shows via Timeshifting the money they spend all their time rasiing doesn't even reach me and it benefits only the companies behind the campaigns and the for profit media and makes not a single 2 way connection to me or my community.

So let's get down to it. After considering all the information I had at the time, I reached out to the candidates running. As a side one self anointed member of the establishment even told me to stop and that me asking questions was spamming or bothering the candidates.

Well, after alls said and done I am throwing my support behind Brian Weaver. The one thing I have learned about him is that if someone with no direct connection to him can get him to respond to me using social media I have the highest faith and believe that he will work with you too.

Please vote for Brain Weaver tomorrow and know that he will respond and he understands the issues and the technology that we will need to solve the issues and problems that face all of us in the District of Columbia.

This decision is solely Nelson Jacobsen's and it not representative of any association, company or group that I belong too.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Please let us know if this is At Large Candidate Lopez

If this is candidate Lopez he deserves to be recognized for his part in standing up to the dictators in Congress at the Rally for DC Respect. April 11th 2011 on Constitution ave of all places. < insert > Irony</>.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Your DC One card no longer works & kids need papers.

If your are one of the residents that signed up for a DC One Card you'll have to get a new one. If you got one for your kid wait I have great news.

I take it this is coming as a surprise because I have not see any discussion about it and a search shows that it has not been made widely known. (see below)

Also the site listed the DC.Gov page for this has no mention of these new rules.  So either this is an early April fools joke or a communications breakdown.

Now if this is not inconvenient enough......The card you got for your kid, you now have to show up with a birth certificate and prove they're your kid.   I kid you not~ this rule has gone into place and no one knows about it.

What is going to happen when parents start showing up for lessons, play date, arranged visits and the kids are not allowed into the pool or any other facility that they where using these cards to access.   What is the plan for families that don't have a copy of their birth certificate. Why is DC with it's one card able to access the DOH or DCPS files and verify the kids.

This is really two different train wreaks at one time and shows that we have some issue to resolve and as the city moves forward I might suggest that it look to the City of Angels for some leadership.  They have made their way to the cloud and the ability for systems to share big data and do so in a secure way are here now. What we are doing in DC somethings seems to be going backwards.

We love technology as much as the next social media citizen however before you embark on something like this again it seem like communicate it and discuss it with us. We pay for this stuff and then you make us suffer thought the execution of it that makes us mad. We are not lab rats, we are the bosses.

  1. DC One Card

    The DC One Card makes accessing services easier and more convenient for District residents. With this single identification card, adults and children can ... - Cached - Similar
  2. dconecard: Get a DC One Card

    Get a DC One Card Abstract: Get a DC One Card SmarTrip-enabled DC One Cards ...,a,1242,q,461163.asp - Cached - Similar
  3. DC One Card Registration Page

    The DC One Card makes accessing services easier and more convenient for ... - Cached
  4. District of Columbia Launches First-Ever One Card ID - Releases ...

    Apr 10, 2008 ... Today, the One Card grants borrowing privileges at DC ... - Cached - Similar

Saturday, March 19, 2011

After months of denial DC.GOV realized that DConeCity is the name?

Over and over and OVER, I tried to get the folks that are leading our city to pay attention to a little fact that One DC was not the best name and that there are a few intellectual property issues that they might want to take a look at before they got too far down the river on the whole One DC thang.

And!  I brought this up to the several folks at the beginning of the campaign.  Here is the funnest part- I saw that this was going to be an issues and came up with a better name.  Like DC One City. So I approached the campaign and I was given the name of someone that was a consultant to the campaign. I called him, Adam, and told him my concerns and the dream that I had to use the fact that Vince Gray was not going to stop saying One City.
Well, this "expert at 30" informed me that the campaign was going to focus all of it attention on one domain only ~ which if anyone recalls was his first website.
He also when on to inform me that DC had no need to build out such a community and that was going to be the end of the discussion.  

Well, it looks like DC.GOV has opened it back up and we find it interesting and bit disingenuous because I am sure they spent 10s of thousands of $$$$ with this same consult to rip off my idea. Again I offered this to the campaign for cost 185 bucks......Along with a whole slue of domain names related to VinceGaryforMayor that this same expert didn't cover.....

I am getting this out because I know how DC works they will spend a ton of tax payer money to now go after me because they want to lock up this name, We have tried to do the right thing and not for profit so we'll wait to see what does next.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Environmental Film Festival is still screening awesome films DC!


19th Annual Festival, March 15-27

60 Venues, 150 Films, 26,000+ Filmgoers

Washington, D.C.

As the Environmental Film Festival launches its annual celebration of the natural world on screens across Washington, D.C., we explore one of the most controversial and timely topics of our day: the critical relationship between energy and the environment. Please join us in March as we present 150 diverse and engaging films from 40 countries.Read More".

Monday, March 14, 2011

Fitweek, Fashionweek, everyday we're communities online

Getting ready to roll out DCFitWeek rest assured that our hyper local community sites are going to be helping our local fitness community to be found when the folks do what we know they will do.

If you look at the image above you can see that we have already been working on this community issue with this beta page that we are trying out now on

 If you look we list all of the local resources and this is for FREE.

We have links to blogs, listserv's the twitters and this page will be configured to link to   LOCAL fitness related links as we find them.

There is just no easier way to Connect to Your Community online then through the interconnect Hyper Local Communities.   Besides if you place your ads with the largest online system we are the publisher and we thank you for your business.

To our local sponsors we are thankful and will do much to promote you in the community.

fyi check out DCFitWeek online. @dcfitweek

 March 21-25

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hyper Local Communities Online humbly accepts being 2nd

Sure we believe in DC1City. Because our family lives in it. Thus we alson know DC is made up of many wonderful communities, our is AUPark. Each of these communities citizen's are so attached to their community that using anything other then that communities name say AdamsMorgan,   Hstreet  or PennQuarter is not going to cut it.

Never has and never will. So take a tip from Kathrine Buckley and connect to your community online and it connects back to you.  

In our wonderful world of helping each others. Once we saw this community savvy Realtor listing our site on her awesome marketing materials and linking us on her homepage....(makes her a CommunityStar in our book) we hopped to it and listed her on the AmericanUniversityPark community site. Then set about blogging, tweeting and generally praising her effort to help us, which allows us to help this community and help earth.

This is how the internet net began! Before the day "How to Make A Fortune on the Info Super Highway" was published the internetwork was a commuity not a cash register. So how do you get your name/info/event networked onto our cloud.You link to us or even mention us in social media and we link to you.

Having to paying to be listed as part of the community is absurd. Without that business, group or service you don't have a community.   Considering that we have been building Communities Online since 1997 we have seen every single company that has come after that come and go. While our simple idea of  being part of the community might be worth it for others to look into instead of stampeding to the newest trend considering we're still here 14 years later.

FYI. to all the out-of-town players Welcome to DC and get to know the names of our communities the ones we have found are on the listed on the DistrictCloud.  

Oh yea  if your going to say your the #1 HyperlocalCommunity website or resource.   And, thanks for being our Google adSense clients as we are publisher on ever singe page across the MetropolitanCloud.
And, since every single blog, socialmediacitizen, and site in the world proclaims being the number 1, we'll humbly accept being second only to the folks in the community. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tenleytown DC: I saw a woman looking distressed about something w...

Tenleytown DC: I saw a woman looking distressed about something w...: "I saw a woman looking distressed about something with a Bike Helmet on and possibly afraid of the Rot Weiler tied up by her parked bike.&nbs..."

So local socialmediacitizen @TenleytownGreg blogs about, him being interviewed for a blog and we sure as heck are going to blog about this whole eco system change in how communities online really do work. Thanks Greg.

DMV Music Council: This is a response

If your an Artist or Music Professional in the District, Maryland or Virginia then consider taking a hold of your future together in the DMV as a music council.   We'll be posting more about this as times and events progress. Until them check out @dmvmusiccouncil on Twitter or visit em online

There is more then a bruised public eye for every one to to contend with and if the DMV music community remains fragmented there future will be determined by large corporate interest  from LA or NYC.  

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Funnest Hashtag ever #snyderlibel

If you didn't know already the Redskin owner Dan Snyder is trying to sue the Washington City Paper in to the dustbin of history.

The DMV and those that will fight for Ole DC have mounted many efforts across social media and websites do deal <see link at bottom to help the paper directly>.

However the off shoot of this whole affair is the the springing to life on Twitter is the hashtag #Snyderlibel which has found a wide and receptive audience and clearly not something a brand sensitives organization like the Washington Redskins and the NFL need to have been lite across cyberspace..

The weird tread that sticks out when digging into this a bit is this time of day activities maps. It seems that those playing the #snyderlibel game on twitter are doing so at noon or midnight.  

Either way it seem forboding for him that we come to the peak of activity at these particular times.- High Noon or Midnight in DC really is never the words you wanted associated with your "personal brand" and it don't take a $450/hr PR honcho to figure out someone has a problem

BTW as to efforts here is a direct and meaningful way to help.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

We are brewing up a few changes

As you may have noticed the various domains are all now pointing to this blog.  Please bear with us as we unite all them into DC1City.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Welcome 2

We are turning this into a resource for the people

Just wanted to let folks know that we are working on a plan to turn DCONECITY into a resource for the people. The site will be run by a District Non-Profit Corporation ~ HelpEarth Foundation

We will link DCONECITY into what we are called the District Cloud.which will link everyone to everything in the District. So if your a business, nonprofit or citizen group in the District each of our sites will have places for you to list your business, events, or services for FREE.

For others that want to reach out and into these communities we are offer a host of opportunities that no one else can match and your donations will help the community and  part of could be a tax deduction (consult your advisors).

On of the main projects that is being brought online is a training program Called Cloud Work Force

This program will be a cutting edge training project that will offer these kids whom are often on the wrong site of the digital divide a chance to leapfrog into the forefront of the technology revolution.
Please visit us at